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Health insurance premium increase 2023 for insured persons in Switzerland

In 2023, premiums in the various cantons are expected to increase by up to 10% on average. However, depending on the chosen deductible rate, insurance model and age, there is also the possibility that your health insurance company has increased premiums significantly more.

If your health insurance has only become slightly more expensive, it may still be worth looking for alternatives in a timely manner. After all, even a small savings on premiums will quickly make itself felt in your household budget.

At we offer a comprehensive comparison of all health insurance companies in Switzerland. We take the time to go through all the options for you and present the best deals. We pay particular attention to the attractive benefits offered by Groupe Mutuel.

Premiums notification

We encourage you to sign up for our annual notification of current health insurance premiums. This will keep you well informed at all times and allow you to take any changes into account in good time. With this regular update, you are always up to date and can adjust your financial planning accordingly.

Notice periods of the health insurance

It is important to follow the applicable notice periods for your health insurance, especially if you plan to switch to a new health insurance plan.

Please check if these deadlines have already been taken into account. Remember, your notice must be received by your health insurance company in a timely manner. The postmark on your letter of termination is not decisive, but the date of receipt by the health insurance company.

For example, if the notice of termination must be received by your insurer by the 31st of the month and that day falls on a Friday, it is recommended that you send the letter by Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.

We recommend that you do not necessarily send the notice at the end of the month (30th/31st), but rather consider mid-March or mid-November as the time. Be sure to send the notice of cancellation to your insurer by registered mail and make sure to sign the contract with the new insurance company at the same time.

Health insurance

Comparing your current health insurance with our offers can really pay off.

It is advisable to compare your current health insurance with our Groupe Mutuel offers. Because you may be able to benefit from better conditions, attractive benefits and lower premiums. We have carefully reviewed various options to provide you with the best deals.

Take the time to compare your health insurance with our quotes to ensure you find the best fit for your individual needs. A comparison can help you identify potential savings and choose the insurance plan that best suits you.

Do not miss the opportunity to benefit from our attractive offers. Compare your current health insurance with our offers today and discover the benefits we can offer you.

Maria Stefens
Maria Stefens
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I was very satisfied with the comparison. Open and very competent. It was a great help and I recommend it to everyone.
Jonas Strikler
Jonas Strikler
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I have benefited a lot from the comparison and received information in all areas that helped me. Uncomplicated and tailored to the person. Supper fast help with questions etc.
Maria Palade
Maria Palade
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We warmly recommend the services of Mr Behrang Varzaneh! I feel honored to have it as a guest.... He showed empathy and professionally presented me with details about my child's health insurance. We wish him much success in the latter's activities and projects, and we recommend you all to use his services with confidence!

Frequently asked questions about health insurance comparison

It is advisable to check your health insurance at least once a year and change if necessary if you find better offers or benefits. Special occasions such as a job change, family planning or illness can also be a reason to review and, if necessary, change health insurance providers.

There is no clear-cut answer to the question of which health insurance is best, as this depends on individual needs and preferences. However, a health insurance comparison can help you find the best health insurance plan for you.

If you are looking for a top health insurance company, you should definitely try GroupeMutuel – one of the best health insurance companies on the market.

There are many reasons why you can switch health insurance companies, such as better benefits, lower premiums or better customer service. It’s important to review your health insurance regularly to make sure you have the best possible health insurance for your needs.

Health insurance premiums are the monthly costs that must be paid for health insurance. The amount of the premiums depends on various factors, such as age, gender and the scope of benefits provided by the health insurance company.

Changing health insurance is simple and straightforward. You can request the switch online or by phone. It is important that you have the necessary documentation, such as your health insurance card, ready. A health insurance comparison can help you find the best health insurance for your needs and make the switch as easy and quick as possible.