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Krankenkassen-Prämienanstieg 2023 für Versicherte in der Schweiz

2023 steigen die Prämien je nach Kanton um durchschnittlich bis zu 10%. Abhängig von Franchise, Versicherungsmodell und Alter kann Ihre Krankenkasse die Prämien jedoch auch deutlich stärker erhöht haben.

If your health insurance has become just a little more expensive, it is worthwhile to quickly look for an alternative model. Because even a small premium saving will quickly make itself felt in your household budget. compares all 50 health insurance companies in Switzerland. We will show you the right model in your canton of residence.

Our tip: By changing the model and optimizing your franchise, you can count on a premium discount of up to 53 percent for yourself and your family.

Tip! Not all health insurances offer bonus insurance. We will show you which health insurance company offers bonus insurance in your canton of residence.

Notice periods of the health insurance

Notice periods apply to your health insurance. Have you checked them yet? Remember: a notice of termination must be given in good time! This is especially important if you plan to change your health insurance company.

Your health insurer will only accept the notice of termination if it has received it before the set notice period has expired. It is not the postmark of your letter of termination that counts, but the date of receipt by the health insurance company. So if the letter has to be on the table with the insurer by the 31st of the month and this day is a Friday, it is best to send the letter by Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.

However, the recommended times for termination are not 30./31. of the month, but rather mid-March or mid-November. Be sure to send the cancellation by registered mail to your insurer and, at the same time, arrange for the contract to be concluded with the new insurer. This informs your old insurance about what prevents any insurance interruption. There is no other way to change your insurance

A health insurance comparison is quick, free and you can save over CHF 3,250 per family on average!


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I was very happy with the comparison. Open and very competent. It's been a huge help and I recommend it to everyone.
Micha Wietli
We want complete protection for you!

Health coverage is important, but at the same time the cost of insurance cover should be low. We have risen to this challenge and offer everyone in Switzerland a free and independent comparison.

We look for the best and cheapest solution from the offers of over fifty health insurance companies. No matter how many children there are in the family, we will help you find the best health insurance company.

It is not without pride that we can say of ourselves that we are the only portal in Switzerland that optimizes the offers of health insurance companies to meet the wishes and needs. We compare, select and find the best offer for you in Switzerland.